Outdoor test sequence


Flames dance along under a pulsating sheet of water. The flames trapped underneath by the water are dragged along and eventually roll back due to their own heat.

Fire is the original light. Water it’s existential opposite.
These opposites interact without destroying each other. Together they create original and unpredictable forms in a dancing in their own light.

In this project we look directly at the source of the light rather than at it’s projection.

Here light acts as a material… we animate the material in a loop or trigger changes through the proximity of a spectator.

Flame & Water nozzle


We animate the pressure and duration of a sheet of water and the flames below it. The animation is triggered by the proximity of the spectator.

Short bursts of flame are made with propane and are electronically ignited. Water shot under pressure at a polished cone generates a stable sheet of water. The water system is a closed circuit and runs continuously.