We create physical special-effects.

VIZ stands for Visible Issues. We work with materials and physical processes… flame, vapours, collisions, explosions etc.

VIZ has experience with many commercial products including beer, chocolate, coffee, dairy products, all kinds of food, liquids, soap, cosmetics, etc.

Working from experience and experiment, we devise special rigs, electronics, actuators and sensors to achieve these images.



Finally released, the commercial was made with director/producer Marcel Christ in Amsterdam. Among other things, the commercials features a physical deep-freezing effect…


Alpro (non-dairy) high-speed product demos for The Breakfast Club in Ghent. We show coconut, almonds and oats.


Practical special-effects (inside the engine shots) for two new commercials. We shot on location in Mallorca. Production company was “Outsider” from London, with director Jörn  Threlfall, d.o.p. Daniel Landin and Nick Sutherland-Dodd line producer…


Shooting special-effects for detergent and beer at Dreambox Productions in Beirut with directors Emile Slailaty, Bruce Parramore and producer Marwan Nicolas …

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