Producer: Tempo Media, Hamburg · Service Producer: Czar Belgium · Director: Raf Wathion · Line Producer: Fred Vrancken · Special effects: Adrian Walton-Smith, Robert Pachowski, Thierry Cambray · Milo and Phantom: BFC rental – FX Box

SFX inserts (inside the engine)

Raf Wathion, directing in Brussels for CZAR (Brussels) and TEMPOMEDIA (Hamburg), needed a huge list of special effects, shot inside the engine; the beating heart of the Audi R8, the diesel powered racing car which won the Le Mans 24 hrs. race.

We took special-effects and art direction on this job, working with Thierry Cambray and Robert Pachowski. We developed shots with Raf of diesel going into the tank; diesel being vapourised through the valves into the cylinder; explosions in the cylinder; flames travelling through channels in the engine, and many more practical special-effects.

Images taken on the filmset during shooting and workshop photos and films.

Rigging for diesel spray, flames coming out of a model valve opening, a red hot exhaust manifold and a first version flame rig. Flames escaping through a narrow pipe… individual bubble control.

Set photos AUDI R8

Vortex flame, smoke escaping from a valve, flame gel, water chute. Script page, tank valve, red hot exhaust, flame escaping through a valve, bubble machines in diesel tank, oil channels etc.

Workshop photos AUDI R8