Producer: Tempo Media, Hamburg · Service Producer: Czar Belgium · Director: Raf Wathion · Line Producer: Fred Vrancken · Special effects: Adrian Walton-Smith, Robert Pachowski, Thierry Cambray · Milo and Phantom: BFC rental – FX Box

SFX inserts (inside the engine)

Raf Wathion, directing in Brussels for CZAR (Brussels) and TEMPOMEDIA (Hamburg), needed a huge list of special effects, shot inside the engine; the beating heart of the Audi R8, the diesel powered racing car which won the Le Mans 24 hrs. race.

We took special-effects and art direction on this job, working with Thierry Cambray and Robert Pachowski. We developed shots with Raf of diesel going into the tank; diesel being vapourised through the valves into the cylinder; explosions in the cylinder; flames travelling through channels in the engine, and many more practical special-effects.

Here are images taken on the filmset during shooting and workshop photos and films used to communicate with director Raf Walthion in Brussels.

In these set photos you can see rigging for diesel spray, flames coming out of a model valve opening, a red hot exhaust manifold and a first version flame rig for following flames in high speed.

Flames escaping through a narrow pipe.

Bubble machine for individual bubble control.

Set photos AUDI R8

Vortex flame, smoke escaping from a valve, flame gel, water chute.

Script page, tank valve, red hot exhaust, flame escaping through a valve, bubble machines in diesel tank, oil channels etc.

We would communicate these tests with the director over the internet.

Workshop photos AUDI R8