Producer: Czar Belgium · Director: Raf Wathion · Line Producer: Fred Vrancken · Special effects: Adrian Walton-Smith · Post Production: The Mill · Milo and Phantom: BFC rental – FX Box

This TV commercial was directed by Raf Wathion and was shot over five days at a studio in Brussels.

Four sets were running simultaneously including Phantom, Alexa, Macro and Stop-Motion cameras.

Practical special-effects

Practical SFX on this job concentrated on the idea of curves; the ideal curve of Infiniti. The many effects were intended to be shot at high-speed using the Phantom generating large amounts of practical special-effects material.

Drips from a brush, powder splashes, water splashes, trails and twists of paint, rope animations, compressed air explosions.

Two layers of oil

Tests made as we cut the surface; a layer of white oil floats on a layer of purple oil.

Development of the rope shot and the paint pour.

Workshop preparation

Reference shots, at 300fps. and 600fps, made using the rope wave machine and tests made by hand.