Executive producer Stefania Dall’Agnese at FilmMaster · Producer: Antonella Scoliero at 360FX, Milan · Director: Stef Viaene· Special effects: Adrian Walton-Smith ·

Two commercials for italian dairy company Vallelata. Shot in in Milan at the studio of 360FX Film, we see milk colliding and morphing around the product.  This involves synchronised movements and collisions shot in very high-speed.

Basilicum and water float in mid-air

A shot we prepared in Amsterdam was the shot of basilicum floating in mid-air surrounded by water drops. Here are the first test films we made. The water falls while the leaves float from left to right.

Drops of milk colliding

A shot we worked on was making drops hit each other in mid-air. This drop mix is a compilation of very strange amorphous shapes created in mid-air. These are tests made in our Amsterdam studio, and presented for reference to the client.

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