Producer: Caramel, Amsterdam · Director: Ronald Koezier · Special effects: Adrian Walton-Smith ·

The two other commercials from this series…

VIZ worked on a series of three commercials, directed by Ronald Koetzier for Caramel Pictures in Holland. The project involves exploding packs, chocolates flying in space and motion control rigging.

Explosion rig

Taken from the monitor on set, this is the explosion as it was shot, before the intervention of post-production.

Chocolate meteorite

The commercial for the chocolate “buckshot” starts in very close on a single piece. This is a model, made to scale at 75cm.

Sugar “Buckshot”

At first we don’t know where we are, but as the camera pulls back, using the motion control rig of Alex de Heus, we realise that we have been floating around a piece of chocolate as it falls onto a piece of bread!