Producer: Caramel, Amsterdam · Director: Ronald Koezier · Special effects: Adrian Walton-Smith ·

Beer colliding with lemon and lime

Mexican brand Dos Equis came to Amsterdam to shoot this commercial using the Bolt high-speed rig to travel round high-speed collisions…

#1, speed test …, #2, tubes not filled, 4 bar…, #3, washer ring, 2 bar …

Launcher rig for the packshot.

This is a variable speed turntable with an electronic trigger. The power comes from a pressure pot in the middle of the turntable which supplies the four reservoirs.


#1, tubes filled, eccentric column, 4 bar … #2, first three shots at 3 bar, last two at 4 bar…

Pours enter the bottle.

With these quantities we are getting 5 “takes” before we have to refill. Pipes are 20 m.m. copper. This is the maximum diameter we can power with this rig. We tried 40m.m. diameter and 30m.m. diameter, but didn’t have sufficient power.


#1 and #2, same speed… #2, smaller amplitude… #3 original pourer mechanism,
piston release and shaken by hand.

Splasher rig

Coming from the same side

Spiral pour rig

Low pressure using a nearly horizontal tube makes a nice pour, but we would have liked to make a spiral. This introduces centrifugal forces. We can compensate for this by making both pours from the same end. Then the force on each pour is roughly the same and the two pours remain close together.

Coming from opposite sides

The faster the rig goes the more the liquid gets thrown outwards. The pressure in the tube changes as it empties. When pouring from opposite ends of the arm there can only be one instant when the pours are very close together.

Two holes in a can…