Producer: Bandits Paris · Director: Stef Viaene · Director of photography: Arnaud Stefani · Special effects: VIZ, Adrian Walton-Smith

This commercial by Stef Viaene, was shot in Prague for Bandits Productions from Paris. It shows work with liquids and foam.

Water splash with high-speed move

Shooting close, and in high speed we accurately timed the impact of the splashes. The amount of splash was precisely controlled in order to maintain legibility of the label.

High-speed revolving rig

For one of the splashes we used an encoder to splash the bottle at a specific position in the high-speed revolution

Foam explosion

During testing we exploded foam on it’s own; foam and liquid in separate layers; liquid only and several other variations to do with loading the foam itself.

Shock wave

A shock wave suitable for painting into the finished pack-shot … We kept the pressure low so as to stop the wave breaking up.

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