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VIZ worked again with Stef Viaene, on his third Duvel beer commercial for producer Latcho Drom in Brussels. Here are special-effects with beer, beer-foam, exploding glass and colliding jets of beer.

The film is an explosion of beer shot in reverse.

We shot many different “layers” for use in post-production. Having first tested the many shots in our studio in Amsterdam, the test shoot took place at FXBox in Brussels, using the Phantom. We tested varying pressures, angles and timing to get the best results…


Client: Duvel beer · Producer: Latcho Drom · Director: Stef Viaene · Post Production: Raf Schoenmaekers · Director of photography: Jean Poisson · Phantom: BFC rental – FX Box

Exploding glass.

Tested in our studio in Amsterdam, we tried different pressures, angles and timings.

Beer foam explosion
Using injected beer/foam under pressure and exploding containers of foam…

Jets of beer colliding
Drops of water of different sizes collide. We can time the impact to coincide with other events.

Set photos

Taken on set at Monev Studios in Brussels while we were working…First during the test day with the Phantom and a week later on the final shoot.

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