Producer: Caviar, Brussel · Director: Bram Coppens ·Line Producer: Ilse Joye · Special effects: Adrian Walton-Smith · DoP: Patrick Otten · Phantom: BFC rental – FX Box

BBDO New York shot their new Gillette commercial with Bram Coppens in Brussels. A storyboard was agreed showing razors splashing and skimming through a surface of water. Meaning lots of close-ups of water, in high-speed with model-movers, and large aquaria, we set about developing these effects. By the time the commercial was to be shot, all water shots had been cut and the commercial changed radically… in stead we made model-movers for a beautiful large scale model made by Brooklyn Model Works in New York. This machine involved programmable stepper motors synchronized with the Milo motion control rig. Below we show all the stages we went through in this project for Caviar Film productions.

+ This project was one of the last times that we were able to work with our much loved colleague Hans Solleveld. R.I.P.hans138

Shaving demo
Counterweights have been introduced to steady the movement of the model-mover being tested in our studio in Amsterdam. The model, made by Brooklyn Model Works in New York, measures 90cm. x 30cm. It weighs 3.4 kg.

Patrick Otten checking the motion control run…

The razor is attached to the camera so as to achieve an unusual shave shot.

Images from the test shoot in Brussels where we tested the rigs before the final shoot. Water shots and the reverse cheek shot, as if the camera is “point-of-view” cheek during shaving. Bram Coppens was looking for shots that hadn’t been used before in a Gillette commercial.

We made a large aquarium to allow shooting a water meniscus around the razor while moving. The aquarium was also fused to follow the “bow wake” of the razor as it skimmed through water.