Producer: Hype Moscow · Director: Matthias Lebeer · Line Producer: Roman Kalmykov· Special effects: Adrian Walton-Smith & Андрей Гапонов · Food Styling: Frank Weymann · DoP Justin Bodenkamp


(15 seconds)
Shot in Moscow for Hype productions…

The sense of the film is that mayonnaise doesn’t belong on the salad anymore. We use the 3 Heinz sauces instead…

A spoon mounted in a turning rig. The spoon turns, the ‘mayonnaise’ starts to drip. We blow it back onto the spoon. This was shot at 250 fps.

This might work with some tuning… Paul was working alone, so it was hard for him to turn the camera on, turn the spoon and blow at the same time.

Tests shot at 1000 fps. Air pressure of 6 bar, we can probably tune the effect by reducing the air pressure.