Producer: Caviar, Brussels · Director Bram Coppens· Director of photography Patrick Otten · Special effects: Adrian Walton-Smith · Phantom: BFC rental – FX Box

We started the year working again with Bram Coppens on location just outside Brussels. Together with DoP Patrick Otten we pushed through many physical special-effects on a three day schedule…

Collaborating with Franziska Loeding in Amsterdam we made model beans for use in close-up shots.

Here is material shot on the Phantom and test material, shot in our own studio at 600fps.

Material shot to represent fire in the “coffee roaster”. We created a red copper environment and very short bursts of flame.

Two jets of water crash into falling coffee powder. Derived from a similar shot developed for the Duvel commercial with Stef Viaene.

Mock-up beans being hit by a cloud of coffee.

Tests made at 600 fps while researching the shots…drops revolving in mid-air, a pour of water in coffee and some other types of flame shot.