SFX shot on location for Jaguar

We travelled to Mallorca to shoot the special-effects inserts for this JAGUAR commercial.  The production company was  “Outsider” from London. Directed by Jörn Threlfall, Line producer was Nick Sutherland-Dodd and d.o.p. Daniel Landin.


Director:Jörn Threlfall·
DoP:Daniel Landin·
Producer: Nick Sutherland-Dodd
for Outsider, London ·

SPARKS from Tesla coil

Extreme close up
Disembodied sparks floating and spontaneously discharging in space? Respect to Daniel Eindhoven for his great Tesla coils.

COMBUSTION (inside the cylinder)

Extreme close-up, flames travel toward camera.
We offered many different kinds of flame. Eventually choosing a combination of blue oxygenated and yellow flame expressing power and excitement.

For other flame tests please look at our fire page.


Extreme close-up
Four layers with printed circuits where light or camera can travel through… This image was combined with the moving central console feature which had to be included in the film.


Extreme close-up
The dimensions of an Alexa mini are
L:185 mm, W: 125 mm, H: 140 mm.


Shot “inside the casing” … Hall of mirrors. Made with the technicians from Jaguar – the plug has 16 pins.