Producer: 360FX, Milan · Director: Stef Viaene · Model cherries and pralines: Oxygène, Paris · Special effects: Adrian Walton-Smith ·

Antonella Scoliero, producer at 360FX in Milan invited us to participate in this chocolate commercial directed by Stef Viaene. We managed our own liquid chocolate. Model cherries and pralines were by Oxygène in Paris.

The commercial was shot in high-speed. Using our custom built rigs we developed some rather unusual images in close collaboration with the director.

Liquid Chocolate  special-effects

Using our own chocolate we found a way of making shapes with this very viscous, shiny liquid. In this case a neat kind of ‘flower’ shape was used. On the set we saw streams of chocolate mixing in all kinds of exciting ways, sometimes leading to very “surreal” results…

Cherries and liquor spiral collide

A spiral of licquor is penetratedby six cherries just at the moment that the spiral is side on to the camera…We spent a lot of time preparing this and finding a suitable licquor.

Finding a suitable viscosity for the twisting liquor…

For the pack shot the revolving chocolate recedes and the praline fades to a “hero” in it’s wrapping…
These are first stage test films.