Producer: TEMPOMEDIA · Director: Olivier Venturini · Line Producer: Sebastian Schröer · Special effects: Adrian Walton-Smith ·

Shot by Olivier Venturini at TempoMedia in Hamburg. VIZ made the models and special effects for the product demos used in this new NIVEA campaign…Balm, Gel, Hairspray, and Strengthening Foam.

We did a fifth test for a falling pomegranate shot. All the tests were made in Amsterdam before shooting in Hamburg.

Age products commercial

NIVEA anti-ageing cosmetics

We made a fifth test for the falling pomegranate shot, releasing a pre-cut pomegranate.

Workshop experiments

Workshop test material made for these commercials, including high speed tests and shots of rigs used.

Sebastian Schröer at TempoMedia asked us to look for unusual images of the product. The shot of hair balm wasshot in water. The experiments were shot in Amsterdam using a small high speed camera and sent to Germany for comments, prior to the shoot in Hamburg.

By slowing the balm in an aquarium and were able to twist the two streams around each other

Gel shots using glycerine, slowed down to 1200 fps

Spray tests shot at 1200 fps. On the set they were shot at up to 2000 fps.

Pneumatic release to control the fall of the fruit.