Producer: Keystone Films, Paris · Director: Ko HANKI · DoP: Alex LAMARQUE · Line Producer: Guillaume Richard · Special effects: Adrian Walton-Smith · Max and Phantom: Raoul RODRIGUEZ

Korean Launch of the Galaxy S6.

Keystone Films in Paris asked us to provide the practical special-effects for the Korean launch of the Galaxy S6. There was very little prep. time. We immediately made a first visit to Paris to meet with director Ko HANKI and line producer Guillame Richard, After proposing several possible solutions, based on archive material and research, we quickly made a plan and got a crew together.

Several practical high-speed shots would be needed.. to be combined with CGI from Seoul.

More shots were tested than actually shot. Below is some of the material we prepared…

Shot 9 – Top shot, flower exploding

This was a shot of a flower dried and frozen to a very low temperature being disintegrated in front of the camera. We also tested with waxed flowers…

Shot 11

The new Galaxy surrounded by floating gems and crystals…

Shot 1

A glass vitrine explodes. This is the first test before adjustment of the trigger timings…

We were asked to make a “comet crashing to earth” for the beginning of the film. In the end, (maybe as a result of time constraints?), the comet was made in CGI, in Seoul. For this part of the project, Harold Patscheider GmbH in Wuppertal, generously supplied us with their heat resistant glue. Our thanks to them.
We had made several pretty tests for this shot using practical flames and stones…

Below that are some tests for the pearl explosion.

Tests for the comet tail

Top shot pearl explosion