Producer: Parasol Island, Berlin · Line Producer: Sören Haxholm · Special effects: Adrian Walton-Smith · DoP: Patrick Otten · Studio: Ciné-Qua-Non, Brussel ·

For Stephan Wever at Parasol Island (Berlin) we prepared a macro-shoot in our Amsterdam studio. We built over-size dummies of the magazine and of individual letters to view the reflective quality of the ink.

The whole film was shot using a small, flexible crew.

Mock-up staples

Although we did a lot of macro shooting, using macro lenses, we actually prepared over-size mock-ups.

We made mock-up staples for use in a very close “macro” track. They were pushed through giant dummy pages with silkscreened ink.

Moving logo & pages

We lookedfor what might be exciting if you look at the pages and the logo in macro. We tried to make the pages look “monumental”, an approach which later got rejected in favour of a more natural look using the real paper of the magazine.

Set photos and movies of us working on the set with this very small crew…