Fire often symbolizes a process, for example; combustion in an engine or roasting in the preparation of coffee. We have made flying sparks with a specific direction, rolling flames  over a ceiling or placing them in a specific space. We control the amount of oxygen and the kind of fuel we burn to carefully guide the forms and colours of the fire. Using gas and electronic releases a burst of flame may only last a few milliseconds.

Flame shots for AUDI commercial

These abstract flame-effects which would be used in the AUDI commercial shot by Raf Wathion. Flame ran along the under side of a ceiling and exploded along the side of a fake cylinder head. We saw flames inside a cylinder. Later these effects were improved so as to be used in the Ford Focus commercials. We can see glowing metal representing the intense heat in our engine.

Sparks for Leffe beer

While he was working on the Leffe beer commercial, Raf Wathion needed sparks in a circular environment. Which we provided. It was actually line producer Fred Vrancken who suggested this solution. We combined sparks and a rolling flame in a compact situation

Combustion in an engine

We made flames in an engine cylinder. In the set video we can see the Phantom camera from BFC in Brussels in front of the rig. The cylinder is an oversized model we made. We also made the over-sized model heating element seen in the first image.

Flames in a coffee roaster

These are rolling flames in a copper tube, made for Bram Coppens at Caviar, when he was shooting his Jacqmotte commercial. Because we were shooting in high-speed the actual flames could last less than a quarter of a second!

Flames archive

We have a large archive of flames and sparks, here is a sample…