Using water, beer, and coffee, as well as more viscous liquids like chocolate, milk, honey, strawberry sauce.
Mobile plumbing, pumping, squirting, pouring and spraying of liquids.
Bubbles, swirls, vortices, foam effects and more….

Large bubbles and explosions in water

We can make enlarged bubbles, water jets and explosions in water or many other liquids. We have made explosions in beer for the second Duvel commercial and for Leffe.


Drops & ripples

Water drops hitting a rippled surface … this was prepared for the recent Jacqmotte coffee commercial. The ripples were set off by a separate actuator at a precise interval before electronically releasing the coffee drop …

Controlling individual water drops

Water drops electronically controlled for use in the recent MYKITA commercial which we shot with Stephan Wever at Parasol Island in Düsseldorf.

We control how many drops, how frequently they fall, with what kind of delay and in which position?

Liquids floating in space

Here we see leaves floating on water drops in mid air. This effect lasts just an instant and depends on use of the Phantom high-speed camera. The cherries float more on a film of water than drops…

Liquid films

Water will make a very thin continuous “film” under certain circumstances… We’ve made films using various viscosities of oil and even glucose, (although other physical-effectsstart taking over at these high viscosities.

In fact we’ve made a spiral of liqueur using a twisting film of transparent oil… We want to soon make a floating carpet of chocolate.

Controlling water jets

Water jets are the way to make many splashes. We electronically control direction and volume of the jets, which in turn controls the amount of effect that the camera will see and in which position in the camera move.