We’re often asked to manipulate vapours and powders.
Here are a few arbitrary examples from our archive…


Raf Wathion regularly asks us for dust effects. The image here links to a shot from the series of Ford Focus commercials that we worked on for him. In the gallery there are links to other Raf Wathion commercials and tests we did for him concerning dust and vapours.

To see how these effects were put to use check out the AUDI, FORD, and INFINITI commercials

Chalk dust

For the Infiniti shoot with Raf Wathion we caused a dust trail using rope. It gives a dynamic element which dust otherwise doesn’t have. There were also explosions and some liquid-effects.

Vapour tests for Nivea

TEMPOMEDIA in Hamburg, called us to work with Olivier Venturini on this Nivea commercial. We made several effects which are described on the NIVEA page. Here are a couple of the spray tests we made; shot on the CASIO… These tests are obviously very low resolution but give us a reasonable idea of what the effect will look like at the frame rate we choose. This time the vapour represents the spray of a cosmetic product.

Vapour in a cylinder

Here are some vapour-effects we made for the AUDI commercial. The vapour is sprayed inside an enlarged cylinder representing the injection of the diesel into the engine.